About us

Restricted Wearz BSI started long ago when I was in the uterus before being squoze out into this world. It was then that my mother knew I would never be quite normal. Originally this business was named Black Sheep Ink (hence the BSI in Restricted Wearz BSI). Since the beginning, it seemed like all the other sheep would gather and gallivant through the fields of ignorant bliss and I would be left out of their fluffy bunny games because the brainwashing and mind controlling programs that everyone around me bought into just didn't ever seem to make sense or apply to me. I rejected their reality and created my own and noticed HEY - there's absolutely NOTHING out there for those who don't enjoy brainwashing and conformity. We want the things also. We want to have some sort of rebuttal to your vinyl stick figure families and your cutsie shirts with cutsie sayings. Luckily for you, those years of torment have allowed me to bring you an amazing opportunity to buy products that cater to those who have since being squoze out into this world decided they weren't going to buy into or be put into those prettily tied boxes full of lies and conformity.

Please feel free to send in custom orders or requests.